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Mutual Funds

Additional Services

We offer a myriad of alternate financial services ranging from Mutual Funds to the Be-Your-Own-Bank Concept. 

Additionally, through our partnership with James G Parker Insurance Associates, we are thrilled to offer a full suite of other insurance solutions, whether for your business or personal needs. This includes but is not limited to Property & Casualty Insurance,  Workers’ Compensation, Home & Auto, and much, much more.

Mutual Funds


Mutual funds are common investment vehicles that are professionally managed by money managers. There are thousands of different mutual funds consisting of everything from stocks and bonds to equities like gold and silver. The decision of what mutual fund(s) to invest in can have huge implications on both long and short-term performance. Therefore, we tailor our mutual fund strategies to our client’s goals and risk tolerance.


Be-Your-Own-Bank Concept


Instead of borrowing from the bank, many affluent individuals take advantage of the Be-Your-Own-Bank Concept which can be utilized using Permanent Life Insurance products. This is achieved by frontloading a Life Insurance policy with large premiums, usually for a 5-10 year period. The cash value within the policy then accumulates either through fixed dividends or using an indexed strategy. Down the road, the individual can borrow against the policy should the individual need cash flow for an investment/purchase etc. Many carriers have set maximum guaranteed borrowing rates, which can range as low as 4-8%. In a rising interest environment, imagine borrowing from yourself at a meager 4% as compared to the bank for perhaps 8-10%. Borrowing against the policy does not disrupt the accumulation of cash value, which makes the Be-Your-Own-Bank Concept extremely efficient within a Permanent Life Insurance policy.


Comprehensive Financial Planning


Preparing a sophisticated plan as you near retirement is key to an enjoyable and stress-free retirement. Part of our repertoire includes strategies for maximizing cash on hand throughout your retirement years. Through the intricate software we have at our disposal, we are able to analyze your future cash flows, and potential cash shortfalls, as well as analyze potential taxes which may come due at your passing. 

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Comprehensive Financial Plannig
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