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How to Qualify for Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits

Updated: May 9, 2023

This blog goes into detail on the Activities of Daily Living and the requirements necessary to qualify for Long-Term Care benefits.

Most of us have heard of Long-Term Care and have a general understanding of what it entails. The probability of one day needing Long-Term Care is very real, as around 70% of Americans are expected to need care at some point in their lives. In comes Long-Term Care insurance, which addresses extended medical needs should an individual qualify for benefits. Well, how does one qualify for benefits?

The first main trigger to qualify for benefits are the Activities of Daily Living. Activities of Daily Living are common activities that we perform in our everyday lives that are necessary to go about our day-to-day. The number of activities of daily living differs depending on whether the insurance policy is a Tax Qualified policy or a Non-Tax Qualified policy. In the case of a Tax Qualified policy, an insured typically needs to satisfy the criteria of impairment in two out of six activities of daily living. In the case of a Non-Tax Qualified policy, the criteria is two out of seven activities of daily living, with ambulating being the seventh activity of daily living. Most policies issued today are Tax-Qualified. The activities of daily living include:

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